Amazing And Unexpected Bridesmaid Dress Color

It can be difficult when planning a wedding to toe that line between a desire for a traditional ceremony and an equally strong desire to stand out. You don't want to scandalize your great aunt with a particularly daring choice in officiant, but you also don't want to bore your cool friend from college (that you are secretly sort of trying to impress). It is especially difficult to choose a design that will both look good on all of your best friends and fit with your color scheme. Worst of all, you don't want the pictures of your wedding to be interchangeable with those of every other spring/summer wedding. To paraphrase Miranda Priestly from 'The Devil Wears Prada': Pastels? For a wedding? Groundbreaking.

So while everyone else is stuck with boring, standard pastels here are four non-traditional ideas for your bridesmaids' dresses that are sure to make your wedding party stand out.

Jewel Tones

Let's start out on the complete opposite of the spectrum from those pastels. Jewel toned dresses are sure to be both on trend and work well for weddings planned later in the day (or season) when temperatures start to drop. An emerald green on ruby red tone will look striking against the darker background of an evening wedding and bring a strong sense of contrast to your wedding party. These dresses are perfect for the bride who wants to add depth and drama to her color scheme without going straight to black. Plus, these colors pair exceptionally well with the heavier luxe fabrics like satin or velvet, making them a particularly apt choice for a wedding planned in the fall or winter.


Forget about your etiquette book and forget about everyone who says not to wear white to a wedding. For a bold bride who wants nothing more than to buck tradition while also cutting a classic figure, white bridesmaids dresses might be exactly what you need to really make your day stand out. When done right, your wedding party can look absolutely amazing dressed all in white and cream tones. As the bride, you can either stand out in your favorite color or go for a more subtle look and simply add contrast by choosing a more embellished fabric or different hemline. For example, simple, loose-fitting white dresses with gold accents will make all of your closest girls look like Grecian goddesses while still drawing all eyes directly to you.

Bold Yellow

Yellow is a hard color to pull off in any situation. It can be harsh on the eyes and distracting if done wrong. However, a bright marigold dress can look incredible for a summer wedding. For this color, stay away from stiff, heavy fabrics that threaten to make your bridesmaids look like large bottles of mustard. Instead opt for something billowy and sheer which will have them looking like the rays of sunshine you know they are.


If you have mason jars and burlap and your wedding is all about the finer things in life  why not go all out with shimmery, futuristic metallic tones. Dramatic gold or bronze party dresses at an evening ceremony will have everyone remembering exactly why they came (for the party) as well as your favorite color (gilded). If you don't want to fully commit to dressing your bridesmaids like they were dipped in gold then add some sparkle with twinkling appliques. Designs inspired by the night sky are particularly popular this season and will prevent your bridesmaids from looking as if they are ready to head to the night club.