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How to Choose Your Dream Wedding Dress


The focus point of every wedding is the bride with her wedding dress. This is a day come true for many women. After all, the wedding day is the single one day in the life many women started dreaming of when they still were little. Therefore, the wedding dress is not just any other fancy dress. It is the dress for the most romantic day in your life.

Finding the perfect dress should be a joyful task, however, more often than not, this turns out to be the most stressful chore. To take a little bit the heat out of finding your dream wedding dress, start early. Most professionals suggest that you start looking for your wedding dress as early as nine to twelve months before the wedding.

Here are a few tips that will help you to find your dream wedding dress without losing all your hair over it.

The colour:
Before you run off to the shop, get some ideas. The internet is a good first step to get inspired. Decide the colour you favour first, then go to the next step.

What is your Style?
For some women their wedding means, this is the one day in the life, where she can be the princess of her dreams. Would you like a pompous princess dress, a rather simple, elegant piece or something quite unusual? Whatever you choose, make sure, that the dress represents your style and the essence of who you are.

Again, get some inspiration before the actual shopping.

What is your budget?
When budgeting for your wedding dress consider, that it is not just the dress you have to calculate for. You might want accessories such as a veil, a hat or tiara. Furthermore, you need shoes, stockings jewellery and a matching handbag.

Most wedding dresses you can get between $ 400 – 500 without any limits upwards.

Who will you take shopping with you?
Going shopping for a wedding dress can be great fun for you and your girlfriends. However, too many people can make it hard to come up with a decision. Whoever you take with you, this person should know you well and support your wishes.

Having decided on those basic issues, it is time to go to the wedding shops. Take your time. Try on as many dresses as you like. Tip: Take a photo of each dress you try on. This will help you greatly with the decision making later. Maybe you want to take a few notes to each dress, things you liked and what not.

Makeup or no makeup?
Avoid any makeup when trying on different wedding dresses. This way, you cannot stain any dress. Tip: Bring shoes with you, which have the same height as the shoes you will wear to the wedding.

Last but not least: Don’t allow other people to talk you into a dress you don’t want. Your wedding is your big day, and you deserve to wear a dress which brings the best out of you and reflects 100 % who you are!