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What Not to Do When Picking Out a Wedding Dress

Picking out your wedding dress should be one of the favorite parts of wedding planning. It’s the chance to get your dream dress, fitted perfectly to you, allowing you the chance to stand out. But so many women make the same mistakes in picking out their wedding dress, leaving them disappointed and stressed. Here are the top mistakes to avoid; the things not to do when picking out a wedding dress.

Don’t Work with the Current “In” Style

Many women will walk into a wedding dress and just work with whatever is currently “in fashion.” The current fashion isn’t necessarily going to work with your shape or your preferred style. Talk to the bridal stores about your wishes; the type of dress of your dreams and your shape and size. A good bridal store will have other options and help you find something that works well with your preferences and exact needs.

You want to be happy with your dress and the way you look in it. Don’t settle for second or third best.

Don’t Schedule Appointments for the Afternoon

Keep your appointments for the morning, when the stores get less crowded. This will mean the shop assistants will give you their full attention. You also tend to feel less bloated in the morning, helping you with the fittings.

An assistant that can offer their full attention will help make a wedding dress suit your silhouette. This can mean finding the right cuts, accessories, ruffles and more. You’ll be surprised what a string of pearls in the right place can do.

Don’t Choose Just By Look

There’s nothing wrong with ordering online, but you need to make sure the wedding dress looks right first. Try the dresses on in store first and get a good look at the way the cut and shape look on you. Dresses that look good on a mannequin look very different when on a woman. Once you get an idea of the shapes that work best for you, then you can take the search online for something better suiting your budget.

Don’t Try on Every Single Dress

Pick out 5-10 wedding dresses that you like and try them on. Trying on too many dresses will give you a dress overload and make it much harder to pick your favorite. The assistant will help find the best styles for you to begin with, narrowing down your choices immediately.

It’s worth trying in different stores, but again keep the selection to a minimum. You don’t want this to feel like a chore.

Don’t Take Your Whole Bridal Party if You Don’t Want!

There’s no need to take everyone with you when you try your dress on. Take a trusted friend or two and stick with that. If you know exactly what you like in a dress, just take yourself! Too many opinions can do what too many dresses do: give you dress overload.

Wedding dress shopping should be fun. Many brides make the above mistakes, creating stress and overwhelm. Don’t be one of those brides.