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A Custom Made Wedding Dress

A bridal dress is a lot more than a dress for which a woman would wear on her wedding day and wear only once. A wedding dress is woven with memories and love that the bride goes through during the preparations of her wedding and on the wedding day. Whenever the woman looks at her wedding dress or looks at the wedding pictures; she remembers all those days, and all the memories start to replay in her mind. The photos, love, and memories are handed down from generation to generation and are always cherished.

Because a wedding dress is such an essential part of the wedding, it should be a special one which will make the bride feel and look out of this world. She should feel beautiful in her dream wedding dress. A dream wedding dress is only possible only when the bride gets it custom made so that it contains all the details and design like she wants. Getting a dress custom made to order will be exemplified when the bride gets it done according to her liking.

If our bride to be’s want to look breathtaking on their big day; they should get their wedding dresses made on custom orders so that you shine on the biggest day of your life. Here are a few tips on how to get a dress custom made to order.

Steps on How to Get a Custom Made Wedding DressFrom Angrila:

  1. One of the key aspects of choosing a dress is to provide the right body requirements to the boutique so that the dress fits you perfectly. The dress should look as if it was made only for you because it falls so effortlessly on your body. For providing the precise requirements, you should first be aware of your body type (pear, hourglass, oval?)
  2. Then you are supposed to choose the cloth for your wedding dress and your supportive apparel. You should choose a fabric in which you are comfortable. You can select from taffeta, georgette, tulle, organza, chiffon or charmeuse.  If you can’t wear stiff clothes, you can choose chiffon or any other cloth which suits you and which you can wear for a longer duration.
  3. There is a lot of society made conventions as to which dress looks good on which body type. But remember it is your big day, and only you know your body best. So, try to choose the style and cloth for yourself and not for others. If you think that a mermaid tail dress will look good on you so you should get that for yourself, if you think you will look good in A-line gown then you should get that, if you don’t want a lot of skin to show then you can get a dress that covers your body and so on. Remember that your big day is about you.
  4. If you are looking for style and design ideas, then you should visit bridal websites and look at bridal magazines so that you might get a good idea for designs or you can also mix the designs and come up with an entirely new type of dress which will make everyone dumbstruck.
  5. Finally, visit the wedding dress shop from where you will get your dress made and fill them in with your ideas, ask them for their opinions and them ask them to make a sample for you and once you get the sample you can always get it altered with details that you think will make the dress look more beautiful and exclude anything that you don’t like.