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Angrila Wholesale

Style And Quality Comparable To Designer Wedding Dresses in bulk.

Producer of wedding dresses Angrila offers you a rather large range of wedding dresses and formal dresses at producer's prices.

Factory Direct Reorder Price Up To 30% Off Regular Wholesale Prices


GREAT Angrila

Angrila have 12 years of wedding dresses experiences, which has allowed us to create favorable conditions for cooperation for us and for the customers. If you are self-employed, and you are engaged in festive attire, you can wholesale very profitable wedding dresses & occasion dresses from us. We provide customization, labeling and outsourcing services.

Global Cooperation

We look forward to working with the businessmen from different countries of the world, because we are trying to focus not only on the convenient delivery and payment, and on how to create a wedding dress classic models who understand and appreciate the representatives of different countries. Because anyone who will order our wedding dresses wholesale, can count on the fact that they will be able to sell quickly in any corner of the world.


Quality Guaranteed

We use quality fabrics and create wedding and evening dresses more elegant and durable. Our designers are constantly monitoring all the fashion trends in order to create only the most stylish and creative dresses that will be appreciated by the bride and all the girls.

Partner Engagement Program

No Risk, Many Benefits

You shouldn't be running your business all on your own. Your business should be cared for and supported, without even a piece of worry. We want you to sit back and enjoy your wedding & formal gown business. That is exactly why we launched the Partner Engagement Program. By becoming our partner, you will enjoy many benefits without having to take risks.

Plan A - Become our brand retailer

  • Factory direct reorder price starting from $69
  • Style and quality comparable to designer brands
  • Free Shipping to Stores in USA
  • No style discontinuation
  • Door-to-door delivery service to your customers if needed

Plan B - Design & Produce your own brand product line

  • One-to-one free design service
  • One-stop service of labeling and packaging
  • Free Shipping to Stores in USA
  • Saving 30%+ on Reorder Price
  • Door-to-door delivery service to your customers if needed

Are you ready to become our business partner? Then apply today!

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