1. Does Angrila offer rental services on their gowns?

Unfortunately, we do not offer our bridal gowns on rent. They are all made to order.

2. Why can I no longer find the dress that I found earlier on your website?

Sometimes, due to lack of stock or a discontinued product we may no longer display and offer that gown or dress. Such items are then removed from our website so to avoid our customers ordering for items that are no longer on sale.

3. Can I order your bridal gowns online?

Yes, we are supplying pretty bridal gowns online.

4. Can I get a dress with extra length?

Our talented team of designers will customize and personalize all the gowns and dresses according to your requirements.

5. Can I see the dress in other colors?

Sorry that you can only see the dress color from our online model. Not all colors of the dresses are tailored by our designers.

6. What is a rush order?

If our brides are in a rush, we make sure we place their orders quickly to ensure quick and fast delivery. Our team of designers will make sure the standard of quality and service is maintained. We will aim to deliver your bridal gown within specified time frames.

7. How do I decide what size to order?

You can choose a standard size or give us your custom measurements. If you experience any issues with the fitting, we can always made modification to make it fit perfectly.

8. How do customized work?

All of our gowns and dresses are made to order. If you want anything specific such as lace work, hand beaded designs or some sequins and so on,  these can all be added to enhance the overall look of your bridal gown. You can share your ideas and inspiration with our talented team of designer and we will make you satisfied with the final outcome. You can choose from a variety of colors, fabric or designs.

9. What is the delivery time for orders?

It usually takes 9 - 12 days to design, manufacture and deliver your bridal gown.

10. Do you keep mass stock and second hand gowns?

We do not believe in producing bulk gowns and prefer to order one at a time. We try and give 100% to all our orders and are very stringent with quality and workmanship. We do not sell or rent second hand gowns as they are made to order based on customer preferences. All gowns and products we offer are brand new.

11. Will my dress exactly match the color I see on your website?

There might be a slight difference between the actual dress and PC color which is why we encourage our customers to order color swatches at first.

12. How can I trace my order?

Our friendly and professional customer service representatives are available placing orders and tracking them till the end. They can be contacted to track the progress of your order, any modification or for any enquiries. They will keep you update.

13. What countries do you deliver to?

We ship our gowns all around the world.

14. How do I save on shipping?

As the international shipping is a bit high, we strongly advise you buy gowns and accessories together, or purchase with your friends.

15. How do I preserve my bridal gown?    

Kindly check the page Dress Preservation for answer.