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Angrila Sketching Service

Why we offer this service? So all involved know what we are making, including you before moving into prototyping. Our sketches are made by apparel experts to ensure the final drawing has as much accuracy to the final sewn product as possible.


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What Can You Do with a Sketch

The sketch will help you visualize the design of your dream dress, it would be a perfect gift for your wife or friend's wedding, also it's an alluring decoration.

The Sketching Service Process

4-step to get a sketch
sketching service step 1 1, Place Order
sketching service step 2 2, Send Details
sketching service step 3 3, Drawing
sketching service step 4 4, Confirmation

Frame Your Sketch

Whether as a gift, decoration or souvenir, framed sketch can truly be regarded as a worthy collection of works of art. Placed on the table or hanging on the wall, will be a beauty.

We have some sizes and colors of the frame to choose from, and can be sent to worldwide.

Buy the Frame

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Our Works

Some examples we have made for our customers