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Dress Style Guide

Need professional guide to choose your bridal gown? This is your ultimate guide showcasing important ideas about dress-styles and silhouettes and of course, their various peculiarities. It will help you know about the style of a wedding dress.

Ball Gown

The ball gown is characterized by a dramatic full skirt with a fitted bodice. Though it would fit well on brides with different body types. It is ideal for hourglass or plump figures, as the full skirt hides the lower body and highlights the waist.

Busty brides would look better in this since it will create an hourglass figure as the natural, dropped waist and fitted bodice draws more attention to the waistline.



As the name shows, the A-line style flows out on the body forming an A shape in a smooth and elongated line. It has a narrow top cut and is cut close to the rib cage.

The A-line is one of the most chosen styles by most brides all over the world as it has a very flattering effect. There is another hybrid style called the Modified A-line. It represents a perfect mix of the traditional A-line and the Mermaid Silhouette.

This style has more room for the hips than the classic Mermaid. The bottom is flared so when you walk, the gown allows for easy movement. It is the style of choice if you prefer a flattering style that has more mobility and comfort than the Mermaid, and is more shapely than the traditional A-line.



The mermaid silhouette is best described as a style that has a flared out hem and contours downwards on the body from the bust to the knee or even lower. It gives the bride an alluring and sexy figure as it draws attention to the curves, so it demands a high level of self-confidence and body-loving from the wearer.

This style is very daring and is not made for every bride. It is best suited for slender figures, whether tall or short and is not recommended for fuller or voluptuous figures. A daring bride who wants to make as sexy fashion statement may, however, choose it. The bottom line though is that she must be confident and comfortable in it.


This style comprises of a formfitting cut with elongated lines. It is a sophisticated style that gently hugs the whole body and is best suited for slender or petite figures. It accentuates the wearer’s  height due to its body-hugging design with a slim silhouette. It’s a more preferred choice for brides with a smaller body frame than the Ball Gown.