About Us

Angrila has been a part of the bridal industry and has always been committed to manufacturing and designing state of the art bridal gowns. We have been one of the fastest growing bridal wear manufacturers specializing in bridal gowns.

We are famous for our gorgeous collection of bridal gowns so that you cannot keep your eyes off! Our team ensures they are designed and manufactured with special care and attention so that they are hard to resist!

Angrila has been an award winning business and has been recognized for excellent design and service. We have been honored and recognized by the bridal industry and have received multiple nominations as well.

Our aim is to provide our brides with the best quality and originality in our design.  At Angrila, we ensure attention to detail is given to each and every gown manufactured. We make sure we provide you with personalized and customized designs that you want! For this reason, we prefer not to take multiple orders at once as we always want to focus on each and every gown and ensure 100% perfection.

Our gowns are available online and shipped around the world. You can personally view the gowns at our website! We strongly believe the brides deserve personalized attention and we are trying our best to cater to our bride’s requirements.

We understand every bride is unique and has different expectations when it comes to bridal gowns. We ensure we will go out of our way to make your bridal gown one of the best ever. From the designing, to the manufacturing to the fit and finishing, we make sure we are always hand in hand with our brides. Brides have specific needs and why not! It is once in a lifetime and we want to make it special for you.

Finding the perfect bridal gown is a daunting task for many brides and at Angrila we want to make your experience a pleasant one. You can rely on us for your bridal wardrobe needs and we will ensure you are satisfied with our products. We understand the importance of your wedding day and want to make it as special for you as we can.

So why choose a bridal gown from Angrila?

At Angrila, we are not for mass productions, instead we like to provide special care to all our gowns. We make sure all our gowns are unique and different from others. Be it hand beaded, sequined or an exquisite lace design, we make sure all your needs and demands are met with us! There is nothing we cannot do it for you.

As we are privately owned, we ensure the process starting from production to delivery of gown is given special attention and maintain great standards. We make sure our brides are treated special! We do not compromise on quality and ensure you have the gown of your ready and with you in specified time.

  • Design and construction – We take pride in our extremely talented team who search the world for the best and most luxurious fabrics, exquisite laces and dazzling embellishments. Our bridal gowns are hand stitched and have a unique style. The team ensures they are tailored fit and flatter you in the best possible way. All our gowns are created with excellent quality materials and with great workmanship.
  • Reasonable and affordable – at Angrila, you will find our gowns are haute-couture quality and are reasonably priced. Unlike other manufacturers, who often outsource their manufacturing department externally, Angrila prides itself in looking after the manufacturing as well. This allows us to offer competitive prices without comprising on quality and service.
  • Delivery – we have a professional customer service team, who looks after the progress of orders and ensure you are receiving your bridal gowns in the expected delivery time. All our orders are checked thoroughly and with accuracy to ensure timely service and delivery. And if we are on short notice, we try to ensure speedy delivery.
  • Customization – we stand out in the bridal industry as we make sure that our brides' individual needs are met and at a reasonable cost.  It can be as simple as lengthening sleeves, adding detailing, customizes measurements or any other minor or major requirements, our team at Angrila is always flexible to meet brides' requirements. Nothing is impossible for us at Angrila and we ensure you are satisfied with your gowns and our service.

So, if you are a bride looking for a gown for your much awaited wedding day, come to our website. We are willing to help and assist in the making this day most comfortable and exclusive as possible for you.  

At Angrila, we believe there is a difference between designing a gown for your wedding and designing a gown for your marriage.

There is nothing more special to us than seeing our brides glow in our tailor made Angrila Bridal gowns.