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About Us


Angrila was founded in 2010 aim to be the global leading online retailer for wedding gowns, special event dresses, and accessories. Customers can browse the numbers of gowns and choose their favorite dresses with high quality and affordable prices. At Angrila, we ensure to pay attention to details of each and every gown manufactured. We make sure to provide you with personalized and customized designs that you want! Our gowns are available online and shipped around the world. You can personally view the gowns at our website! We strongly believe the dresses deserve personalized attention and we are trying our best to cater to our customers requirements.


Turn Your Event into Something Truly Special

We are a trusted global online retailer that gives you the highest quality event supplies—from custom-made bridal dresses and unique special occasion dresses—to make your special moment unforgettable. All our dresses are made-to-order, we aim to produce the dresses to fit anybody well.

The High Quality Handcraft & Affordable Prices

We understands the importance of your event, which is why we provide the free custom size in highest quality materials and designs in everything we deliver. Our brand focuses on the quality and details of the dresses to provide customers with high-quality, well-designed products and professional customer service. We will tailor the best dresses for you, whether it's cutting or decorating, whether it is a standard size or custom size, our tailors will spare no efforts.

Right to Your Door, Anytime, Anywhere

The last thing you need for your special event is a late delivery of a crucial item (like a wedding dress or essential party supplies). Angrila puts your priorities first and ships across the globe with such as DHL or UPS. We provide expedited shipping as well as budget conscious options. As we use internationally trusted logistics providers, you gain peace of mind knowing that your important supplies will be there when you need them.

Confidence & Security While You Shop
Online shopping can be intimidating in our modern age of Internet fraud. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Angrila offers a secure and safe shopping environment for all customers. We use trusted payment processing systems, and accept credit card, debit card, wire transfer, Western Union, and PayPal payments. You can choose  the most convenient way to pay with guaranteed information safety.