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How We Make a Dress

Creating a beautiful and unique dress requires perfection and perfect care to detail. Therefore, we have developed simple and effective steps of making dresses, so we can always satisfy you. These steps are:

Step 1 – Dress Design

This is the first step of our design process and it is basically the most important step. A perfect design will take our professionals, at least one week to create a beautiful, unique and breathtaking design, which will give you a feeling of excitement. However, preliminary communication is very important in this step to avoid wasting your valuable time, because we will not take a decision without putting you or your desire in our hearts.

 Step 2 - Choose Fabrics & Embellishments

We have abundant chic and high quality fabrics and embellishments. We understand your need for spectacular fabrics, embellishments and other fantastic details that determine the quality of a dress, and we are 150% ready to help bring your imagination into reality. Unlike other companies who produce and sell cheap materials, we will help you choose cozy and expensive materials that will perfect the predefined design. Angrila is one of a kind and we won’t stop until you are smiling!

Step 3 - Plate-Making

As we all know, a perfect dress should show out your body perfection, make you comfortable and look attractive and pleasing, especially in the shop window. Therefore, we have experienced and professional tailors, who will do an effective and efficient job for you.

Step 4 - Clipping

Clipping is a quite important step to make a perfect dress. In this step, we analyze the combination of different fabrics and different tailoring techniques, without leaving out our clients. Although, it is time-demanding and usually costs us a lot of materials, but Angrila understands your needs and your desires, so we are ready to do everything necessary to help present the best for you and your special day.

Step 5 - Start Tailoring

Once all the details are perfect, we will move to the plain dress tailoring (Plain dress is a dress without embellishments).

Step 6 - First Quality Control

When finish the tailoring, Angrila will take the first time quality inspection to ensure all the details are flawless. This again is why we are different, because we will check and check, before moving to the next step!

Step 7 - Embellishments Sewing

We understand the need for patience, perfection and responsibility in this step, especially in some small but complicated designs adornments. However, our educated, well-trained and experienced professionals are always ready to make dress adornments(using their hands) without leaving out any detail of the dress design.

Step 8 - Final Quality Control

When all the tailoring steps are finished, Angrila will take a final quality control. Angrila promises the best quality dresses to all buyers. You will be happy and glad that you choose us!

Step 9 - Dress Package & Delivery

In this step, our made-to-order dress will be packaged into an exquisite packing case & fly to your country within one week, all you need is to sit at home and expect a big surprise.

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