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How To Choose The Perfect Mother Of The Bride Dress

For most mothers, the wedding of her daughter is almost as exciting as her own wedding once was. It is a day of celebration but at the same time a day of letting go. This is a very special and emotional (Mother’s)day, and you will want to emphasis this importance with the right dress. After all, for one day you daughter makes you a VIP!

Before you start thinking about buying a suitable dress, consult with your daughter. Find out what the plan for the wedding is. Maybe there is a theme to the day, which will direct your choice in a certain direction. However, whether there is a theme or not, you want a stylish dress, without stealing the show. Keep in mind; this is your daughter’s wedding. It is her who holds the centre of the day!

Your choice of the mother of the bride dress will be different depending on whether your daughter’s wedding is in the warm or cold season. For the winter season, a maxi dress is elegant and keeps you warm. In the summer season, a shorter dress will look great. Tip: You want to look elegant but not sexy.

Regarding colour, there is one important rule you have to keep in mind: White or cream are taboo for the mother of the bride dress. However, if your daughter’s wedding dress is of a darker colour, a cream mother of the bride dress could create a stunning contrast. As a rule of the thumb, however, a dark blue dress, does always look very elegant, while a red dress, on the other hand, exudes self-confidence.

Maybe strong colours do not suit you and are not really your style. In this case, you can choose delicate pastel shades such as lilac, light blue, apricot or rosé. Mother of the bride dresses in one solid colour always look elegant, while patterns on the dress can take the attention away from you. Instead of patterns, you could choose an eye candy, such as a brochure or a flower matched to the bridal bouquet.  

Set your preferences 
You have chosen the colour and length of your mother of the bride dress now it is time to let your style shine. Asymmetrical, flowing cuts and layered lace dresses underline your feminine side. If you are a bit daring, try a crochet lace in a two-tone layered version. Those dresses are again on the fashion radar and are as trendy as off-the-shoulder gowns and models with small lace sleeves. If you want to underline your great feminine silhouette, you could choose a dress with waist darts.

Now it is time to celebrate and to round your outfit up with stylish accessories
There is nothing wrong, with letting the dress alone convince. However, who does not like cherries on the wedding cake?
A matching clutch to your mother of the bride dress is a must. Here you keep your camera and tissues. However, mini-bags in gold or silver are just as elegant. Now match the shoes and jewellery, and you are ready for the special day of your daughter.