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VIP Program

What is a VIP Program?

VIP Program intends to offer VIP members amazing discounts and benefits. Our goal is to get you satisfied as you shop on Apply to our VIP Program, purchase more, and save more!


VIP Rules & Benefits

VIP membership has the following three levels, and each level is unique in the discounts enjoyed. VIP level is determined by your total spending on





Upgrade Threshold

$10 - $200

$200 - $1500



5% Off

10% Off

15% Off

Other Benefits

Monthly $5 VIP coupon

Monthly $10 VIP coupon

Monthly $15 VIP coupon


How do you become a VIP member?

There are just two stages to becoming a VIP member:

Stage 1: Make a successful order.

Stage 2: Enjoy VIP benefits on your next order.


VIP membership Upgrade & Maintenance

  1. Membership upgrade is automated and is done based on the aggregate amount(shipping charge excluded) spent at Angrilaand you will be notified via email if your membership level has been upgraded.
  2. A minimum of one order must be made every year. Failure to do so will result in one level downgrade of your membership. If that's the case, we would notify you via email a month then one week ahead before the downgrade takes effect.

3.If sadly your VIP level is downgraded, the benefits of the new level are still available to you, and you may once again upgrade to your previous level just by placing a new order.


  1. Discounts to VIP are given priority above other  special policies available at Angrila.
  2. If there's a refund request, the refunded sum will be deducted from the aggregate total sum.

On the off chance that you have any inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service.


Angrila holds all rights to judgment in case of disputes under the rules of VIP membership.